Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Guess I needed the sleep...

After a really restless night on Monday/Tuesday which resulted in me getting less than a couple of hours of sleep and getting up at 4.30am and blitzing a load of work because I was bored and obviously not going to sleep that night. After working all day yesterday and slowly starting to feel the effects of the lack of sleep, especially when I was updating the company website and found myself nodding off on the keyboard a couple of times. I finally got home and went to bed.

I was asleep by about 7pm last night. Woke up briefly about 10.30 for about 5 minutes and then again at around 3am for a half hour read. Then straight back to sleep again until my alarm went off at 7am and my secondary alarm at 8am.

So from two hours sleep on Monday/Tuesday night I'venot sated myself with about 12 hours sleep last night.

Feeling refreshed (although a bit too warm as the central heating has really kicked in this morning) and am looking forward to a productive day of work.

Cancelled my attendence to the Jarvis Cocker gig at KOKO this evening as Chris and myself are meeting up for a Dragonmeet meeting. Mel had also double booked so I don't feel so bad about calling the gig off. Tomorrow night is our Finchley Pub Meet (yay!) and then Friday night Rosie is coming down from Leicester to visit until Sunday morning (yay! yay! yay!). Then Sunday is Gameforce: London for loads of good gamery fun!

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