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F**King Indian Call Centres!


I got transferred from a UK office to a Call centre in Dubai (I know it was Dubai because I ended up asking where they were) for a simple question about my barclaycard account.

All I needed to know was what my Minimum Payment was this month, when it was due and if I had already paid it.

To say there were communication problems between myself and the Call Centre Guy is an understatement. He seemed to think I was asking about everything other than my actual question. I kept my calm and finished off the phonecall getting my information but not actually being sure if it was correct because he still seemed confused.

Que me phoning the British branch of barclaycard again, getting through to a someone whom I could understand and could understand me. Was very sympathic to my experience and logged the complaint (by the sound of things they get quite a few complaints) and then answered my question straight off.

The short of it was that I'd actually paid it off last month and didn't owe anything at present.

Why did such a simple enquiry become such a drawn out, complicated and annoying experience???

I really wish companies wouldn't sub-contract to companies based in countries where English isn't the first language. I should try and draw up a list of the companies I use who have overseas call centres and then start looking at winding up my contracts with them and looking for UK based ones instead.

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