Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Dragonmeet Crash Space Request

I've got loads of people already crashing over at mine the night before/after Dragonmeet (possibly a wee bit too overcrowded to be honest) and am still getting requests.

Can anyone offer additional crash space for people?

Pre-ticket sales have also been strong which is great to see. I'm not entriely sure how many we've sold in advance (around 60-70) and I'll have to find out from Simon how many presales we've had in previous years to compare it. Still, not bad for just having them on sale for a week so far!

I'm also looking at hiring an additional room for more gaming as I've had requests from a couple of companies who want to run things but we've got no more gaming space available (without seriously impacting on the alloted 'Open Gaming' tables.

Also for any GuildWar fans out there - NCSoft are running a tournament with a bundle of prizes including a first prize which gives each team member £150 cash amongst other goodies! I'll try and post up details of that plus the DreamBlade 1K event shortly. We're also considering a very nice raffle prize which everyone who comes along will be entered into automatically via their ticket stub :)

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