Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Reasons to be cheerful... one... two... three

Reason One

Was told by one of the cutest girls in Finchley today that I had 'great hair' and that she'd seen me around quite a bit but had never spoken to me before. Christ, I could have told her she'd never spoken to me before - I'd have remembered that!!!! Anyway, downside to this (there always is one) is that she's 18 and I've known her mother for years. Still, good to be complimented ocasionally.

Reason Two

The new phone seems to be working fine. Still have to read the instruction book to get a hand of all of the various gadgets. But having a phone again is nice.

Reason Three

It's my birthday this weekend!!! Yay for me!!!! Still don't know what I'm doing on Saturday but Friday night should be good fun. I'm actually really looking forward to catching up with several friends I haven't seen properly since before I moved in February, meeting some new faces from finchleynotgoth , seeing various other friends from the club circuit and generally having a good time. Of course all my enthusiasm will probably mean something will go wrong or I'll end up having a generally so-so time of it.

Reason Four

OK, I know the song is only three reasons but screw that! Reason Four is because looking back at the girlfriends I've had (inspired by discovering Mel on Friendster last night) I've been damn lucky overall. I've been blessed with some of the prettiest, intelligent, interesting and generally wonderful partners anyone could hope for. It also brought home the point why I'm single at the moment. Too much of a good thing when I was younger has made me very choosey (possibly too choosey some would say). I know how good a relationship can be and I'm happy to wait until I find someone I feel that we'll work well together. Unfortunately people such as Dawn, Mel, Angela and Delphine are hard acts to follow. Doesn't stop me from having fun though :-p


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