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If time allows...

If I get the time over the next week between working, writing and stuffing Dragonmeet Goodie bags I'm intending to try to go and see Pan's Labyrinth which is on general release this weekend.

The three cinemas of interest that are playing it are The Phoenix in east Finchley (my local arthouse Indy cinema), VUE in islington (I really like that cinema and it's not too far away being in Angel), or Camden Odeon (because it's easy to get to). Unfortunately I'm working all this weekend at the shop and have Rotersand at Sliemlight on Saturday night so the weekends out of action. That leaves Monday or Wednesday evenings or a trip on Wednesday during the day if I've got everything else sorted by then.

Anyone up for it? Preferred dates/venues?

Also, the bi-weekly pub meet inconveniently falls next Thursday. Once again it's at The Catcher on the Rye in Finchley Central. I'll be there. Will you?

Dragonmeet - nine days and counting...

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