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(Gig) Rotersand/RBN

So, despite having second thoughts about the gig due to having worked all day and feeling a bit wasted, I headed down to Slimelight to catch dj_steve_rbn and bleepyfruhstuck in RBN. Now I haven't seen Steve and Byron live since about 1995 when RBN went under the full title of Revolution By Night and were very much in the 'goth'-vein of affairs and not the completely overhauled and revamped EBM incarnation.

RBN were *really* good and it was also really nice to see the gig completely packed for the support. I'd pre-booked my ticket but when I arrived they only had 5 left for sale on the door itself! I hope that RBN play more often as they are certainly a band I'd reccommend anyone with a taste for the heavier side of electronica to go and listen too. Also, get recording guys!!! :p

I'd never seen Rotersand before. I have a number of friends who have seen them in Germany, Holland and on a previous occasions here in the UK but I was a Rotersand Live virgin. God, are they good too! They certainly know how to work the crowd and have plenty of dance anthems in the set. I loved Last Ship but the real clincher of the evening was (and no surprise here) Exterminate Annihilate Destroy which has the brilliant Dalek samples in it :) Yes, I'm sad. But very happy :p

Saw loads of people at the gig from all over the place. Special thanks and hello's go to taryn_vee supergoth club_slut greeba and karohemd

I, predictably, didn't stay for the actual clubnight afterwards which may have been a mistake as I'd forgotten the tubes on my side of the Northern Line were out of action due to engineering work (I'd cabbed it down to the club earlier as I was runing late). Thus I ended up in Golders Green to be faced with long waits for buses and a huge tailback from there to the North Circular (a couple fo miles?). I thougth sod it and decided to walk home which was probably a good move as I still got back to Finchley before any bus passed me!!!

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