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Euro Millions Lottery

I buy lottery tickets every so often - possibly once every couple of months or so. I'm certainly not what you'd call a Lottery Addict. I generally don't even check my tickets straight away until I find one (or several) in a pile on my desk or bedside cabinet and decide to log on to double check that I haven't won anything. I'm usually right too. Nope, nothing won.

Anyway, I had three tickets I just checked. Two for the regular Lotto (whose top prizes are usually about £2.5 million) and one for the Euro Lottery which, for the draw I had a ticket for, was £103 million!

Anyway, I didn't win anything in the Lotto but my luck changed with the Euro Milliosn draw!

Alas I didn't win the jackpot of £103 million (hell - if I did I doubt I'd mention it here anyway! If I won a large amount I'd want my life to continue more or less as it does already! It'd just mean I could bank roll the business more, have a nice house and be able to invest in friends ideas, the future and help some charities out). I didn't even win the second prize (Just under £500,000), or the third, fourth, or even tenth prize. I won the eleventh prize (out of 12) which, along with 794,476 other people netted me £9.80.

Still, it's better than nothing once again! :p

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