Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

T-Minus 6 Hours

...before I have to be at the venue to start letting Traders in to set-up.

It's been a *very* busy day today one way and another.

My greatest thanks to Dom and Elaine who drove up to Milton Keynes to collect an advance wave of 'Cannibal Sector One' Sourcebooks (for SLA Industries RPG) from the printers so we have some for the show.

I have seen one. Held One and stolen a copy and yes THEY DO FINALLY REALLY EXIST!!!!

We also have a SLA Industries T-Shirt and a few Cubicle 7 ones. The Dragonmeet Gophers t-shirt this year is also really nice (Dragonkin Apprentice :p) - thanks again go to Dom for designing it.

Also many thanks to Rosie (who drove all the way from leicester to help), Tracy, Norm and Michael who have just spent several hours filling the goody bags for tomorrow morning.

Now is sleep time as I have to be up in under 4 hours to get ready, do last minute checks, and then get down to the venue.

Hope to see some of you down there and I hope everyone else has there fingers crossed for a great event! :)

Just hope I manage to get *some* sleep tonight!

Night folks.

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