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Hello world! Thought I'd throw up a quick update as it's 1AM and I'm obviously not in the mood for sleeping tonight (grumbles).

Had a good Cubicle 7 meeting with Dominic this evening where we discussed Dragonmeet from a Cubicle 7 Publishing aspect (we had a good show with three quarters of the new SLA Industries book 'Cannibal Sector One' that we took to the show selling at the show - the rest of our Dragonmeet print run have now gone up for sale at Leisure Games with the full print run due to hit the distribution chain in January, hopefully worldwide! - we also sold several SLA Industries T-Shirts and Victoriana Bundles as well as a selection of other books). We also chatted about various other aspects of printing, conventions and the business in general. I also showed Dominic a card game that we are in discussions about which he liked as well as talking about release dates for some of our non-SLA/Victoriana projects that are in the works. Plus a couple of licenses that need chasing up now that Dragonmeet won't be requiring all of my time for another few months!

So all-in-all the rush of Dragonmeet is over to be replaced with the rush of the rest of Cubicle 7!!!

Day job wise, Leisure Games has been extremely busy the last couple of weeks with most of the staff pulling late evenings several times. It's largely down to the Christmas rush in the mail order department but we've also had a few big releases recently (most notably Battlelore by Days of Wonder which we had 'a lot' of preorders to sort through). I don't think LG will be slowing down until close to Christmas Day itself which is good on one hand but will keep my time limited and me knackered on the other hand.

On the non-smoking front I'm currently finishing day 3 without any relapses so far. I've only had cravings once since I decided to stop and that was Tuesday afternoon as I was really tired and work was really busy and I just wanted a few minutes break. I resisted though which was good. I was in a bit of an irritable mood today at work which could be down to giving up smoking but then again I had a really troubled nights sleep last night, overslept (didn't wake up until 11.30 this morning!) and was busy/behind at work all day. Felt a lot better this evening though so i don't know what the cause was.

Tomorrow (Thursday) Rosie is driving down to see me after work. She won't be getting here until about 10ish but is staying here until Sunday. The only real plans we have so far is a cinema trip on Saturday (to see Holiday) and the Gary Numan concert on Saturday night. B-Movie is a possibility but as both of us are currently giving up smoking putting us somehwere that will be plying us with alcohol and have otehrs smoking around us might not be the best idea right now. It'll be hard enough at the Numan gig on Saturday!!!

Anyway, that's that for now. Hello to my new readers who have subscribed to me over the last week! (Waves!) Welcome aboard and hope you don't get too fed up with my inane mutterings! Hello also to everyone else (Waves again!) Hope t catch up with everyone sooner or later!

Night night, Angus x

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