Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Cubicle 7 Road Show 2007

Well, as it seems that sleep is not my friend this evening I've decided to abandon it for a while longer and seek some of my gaming friends thoughts.

Cubicle 7 is looking at hitting the road this year and attending more conventions. Both to trade at and also, if we can get the helpers, to run games of our products (most notably SLA Industries and Victoriana).

The Conventions I'm currently looking at are as follows:

January 26/28 - Warpcon (Cork, Ireland) (probably only in a networking/PR capacity due to drivers maternity leave:p)
March 18/22 - Game Expo,(Las Vegas, USA)  (probably only in a networking/PR capacity)
March 24/25 - Conpulsion (Edinburgh)
April 13/15 - Battlemasters (Leicester) - Not sure, anyone tell me anything about this one?
April 21 - SALUTE - C7 won't be trading at this one next year but it's a bloody excellent convention so thought I'd mention it :p
April 23/26 - GAMA Trade Show (Las Vegas, USA) - On the Studio 2 stand
May 25/27 - GenCon France (Paris, France) - maybe. Looking into it.
June 2/3 - UK Games Expo (Birmingham) - seriously considering this one. Need more info.
June 23/24 - Game 07 (Manchester) - again, thinking about this one.
August 16/19 - GenCon Indy (Indianapolis, USA)
August 30 - September 02 - GenCon UK (Reading)
December 01 - Dragonmeet (London)

The ones in bold are the one's we're either 100% or close to 100% intending on attending.

So, any I've missed that I 'have to' be at? Any comments on any I've listed (positive or negative). Give me feedback guys and gals!

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