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Had a good weekend. Fairly restful which was a bonus considering the mad rushes of late.

Rosie came down from Leicester on Thursday night and we pretty much just had a weekend of chilling. Watched 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend' last night which was amusing. Not the greatest of films, but then I never expected it to be. Had its moments (of both kinds) but am glad I finally saw it.

Also initiated Rosie into some gaming this weekend. She was keen to play (being a Puerto Rico player already) so I showed her Carcassonne and Tsuro. She loved both and has now stolen them from me to play with her family on Christmas Day.

Down point of the weekend was loosing my internet at home. The cats chewed through the wire that connected my PC to the phone-point downstairs and thus disconnected me. I can't use wireless at present as my aerial broke off inside its socket within the PC a while back - and I don't know my wireless passwor din anycase as Sasha set it up when he lived with me (and he couldn't remember it last time I asked either).

I'm going to buy a new cable tomorrow to allow me access again. I'm almost certainly buying a new machine after New Year in anycase so will just get a enw wireless network at that point. That will also mean Louisa and Jade can connect their computers up if they want to as I'll finally have a password !

Am working now. Have been for what seems like ages. It's already pitch black outside and I wnat to go home. Am going to try and stretch myself until 6pm and then do a runner. Don't really know what I'll do at home though without the 'net. Guess it'll force me to relax an extra night and read a book/watch a film or (gasp) actually play a computer game for the first time in over six months!!!!

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