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Angus Abranson

2006 Meme and Home Internet Update

Still no internet connection at home as Keyvan's wife had thrown out his spare cable so he couldn't supply me with one. I have (at least part of) tomorrow off so I'll be heading up to North Finchley and picking one up then. So, in theory, I should be back on line at home and be able to start answering emails and browsing to my hearst content by tomorrow evening.

In other news, this Thursdays planned drinking looks like it's going to be a wash-out. Nearly everyone who usually makes it can't this week due to various Work Christmas do's or other commitments. I think I may chuck the idea this week and restart it post-New Year when things have died down. I'll see what the next couple of responses I get from the texts I sent are.

The first line of the first post for each month...

Last night was restful. Jade (one of my housemates) ended up staying in too so we just chilled out watched a bit of telly and then watched "The Devil's Rejects" - the sequel of Rob Zombie's "House of a 1,000 Corpses".

Coachella Valley Music Festival 2006 Line-Up
Well, most of the bands have just been announced. Now I have to think long and hard about whether or not to go all the way to California for a two-day music festival. Certainly a load of bands I'd like to see and with there being no Glastonbury Festival this year it's even more tempting.

</b></a>_grimtales_ new game has just been released. Please go and check it out! Currently availble as a PDF download but print copies should be available soon.

Thought I'd post a bit of an update.
I've been *extremly* quiet on the social front since I got back from the US. I've had a load of work to do - both for the shop and also for Cubicle 7 - so as opposed to going out socialising with my fellow mankind I've pretty much shut myself away in my room trying to avoid spending too much time on ogame (curse them).

When even some of your friends consider the BNP as a reasonable option you know something has gone terribly wrong with mainstream British politics.

Thanks to </a></b></a>cryx (via </a></b></a>dennyd) who posted about a competition on  (which incidently is the site where I got the Kiwi Mouse and Peeled Frog pictures from...) in which people have been invoted to photshop classical pictures of art with superhero characters.

Anyone else who watched the England - Portugal match on BBC amused at Shearer's comments in the post-match analysis...?


I've woken up feeling like I darnk *waaay* too much last night. I have a bitch of a hangover.

As my Mum would say "I got up on the wrong side of bed this morning".

This weekend I managed to escape London. Everyone needs some time off and I think I was a bit overdue on the "R&R" front and also had an unresistable offer to up to Leicester and chill out with the lovely </a></b></a>imagnocean.

I managed to carry out my threat and get to the gym this morning. Running, Cycling and Rowing but sadly no swimming this morning as it seemed to be 'mothers and baby' morning - although as I left I found that this was only one lane of the pool.

It seems I have once again been fictionalised - although this time I'm not a bloodsucking, back-stabbing vampire (see The Brujah Trilogy published by White Wolf a few years ago). This time I have moved from novel to comic strip. The comic strip being the fantastic Dork Tower that I've mentioned several times recently as muskrat_john has brought one of his characters (Ken) over to London from the States to attend Dragonmeet - a convention that is taking place this Saturday (eek!!).</div>

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