Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Battered, Brusied, Tired but Very Happy

Had a great - if hectic - weekend.

I feel like I've been on the go non-stop since Friday and am continuing the trend on Monday night when I'm off to see Tenacious D live in concert with mooncadet in Hammersmith.

Tonights concert (New Model Army) was very good but certainly seemed a lot more violent than most of the recent ones I've been to. Mind you, it might have been down to two or three really big blokes in the pit who didn't seem to really care about the people in there with them. I took a fairly hefty blow to the ribs which, combined with both my shins get scrapped, finished my pit activities for the night. I retreated back to the bar to find Mike, Anthony, Phil and Richard who I'd gone with and spent the rest of the gig drinking and dancing with them instead. Luckily upon inspection of said injuries the shin job doesn't seem to have drwan blood and I think I'll just have a bit of a brusie on the ribs but nothing seems/feels cracked.

I was also hit in the face (nose) on Saturday by an over excieted Rosie showing me some 'live action moves' from the Kick Ass Martial Arts DVD she was watching. So I guess it was the weekend of physical abuse of the Angus! :p

Had a great weekend over in Leicester and met loads of really nice people. Saw plenty of belly dancing - including an absolutely fantastic performance to Bauhaus' Bela Lugosi's Dead. Darkscape was a fun club, but I probably only ended up dancing to four or five tunes because I was feeling a bit knackered and was also fighting a headache.

Got back into London this morning with just enough time to get home, have a shower, and get down to gameforce which was good fun. maller turnout this month but we expected that this close to Christmas. There were two RPGs taking place (Burning Wheel and Victoriana RPG) and several boardgames including the new Marvel Heroes Boardgame by Fantasy Flight (which everyone seeme dto enjoy although the rulebook sounds badly laid out), The World of Warcraft Boardgame and Zombies. I played Bang! for the first time (and won with a masterful double strike against the Sheriff which shocked everyone as they had thought I was a Deputy and not an Outlaw :p) and also played a very good game of Perudo (aka Liars Dice) which I also managed to sneak a win on :)

I'll try and write more about recent exploits on Tuesday or Wednesday (when I should hopefully be at home and free.

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