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Vatican FC - Joseph Barbera Dies

Vatican FC
I found this idea of the Vatican putting together a football team to possibly compete in the Italian League a fantastic concept.

The team would certainly not be lacking finance, supporters or the pick of a host of talented players from countries around the world who'd probably drop everything to play for them!

It does bring to mind how they'd react when players were given yellow - or red - cards for unsporting behaviour and one does wonder if we'd see any famous 'Hand of God' goals such as Maradonna's back in the 80's :p

Still, I think it'd be a great concept...

Top Cardinal Dreams of Vatican FC (BBC News Online; Monday 18th December 2006)

Joseph Barbera 1911 - 2006
Joseph Barbera, co-creator of cartoon legends such as Scooby Doo and The Flintstones died today.
I remember many of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons from when i was I kid and actually preferred many of their creations to most of the others that were around at that time. He was 95 so he had a bloody good run!

I also think that the BBC reporters might use Wikipedia for fact finding sometimes as parts of Barbera's entry on there are strikingly similiar to the BBC article (either that or someone copied over parts of the BBc article onto Wikipedia and changed a couple of words!)

US Animator Joseph Barbera Dies (BBC News Online; Tuesday 19th December 2006)
Jospeh Barbera (Wikipedia Entry)

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