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Oh Charlton...

I've had a soft spot for Charlton since 1995/96 when I read the biography of a player who was playing with them. It was a really good read and showed you how life of a professional footballer was like when you were at the end of your career and had been playing for lower division teams all your life. Charlton at that point were a regular Division One team (what is now called The Championship).

I was really glad when they managed to get promoted to the Premiership and then, after getting relegated instantly, getting back up again and cementing themselves as a reliable mid-table Premiership mainstay who were always threatening to move slowly upwards and challenge for a European spot.

I guess a lot of their success can be put down to Alan Curbishly (now West Ham's manager and hopefully he can work wonders for them!) as Charlton have just nose dived since he left at the end of last season.

Struggling against relegation one bright spot has been the League Cup which they've actually done well in. They were through to the Quarter Finals this evening and faced the weakest of the Quarter Final teams - Wycombe Wanderes who are 53 league places below them in League Two (the same division that my local team, Barnet, play in - so in other words usually fairly crap! :p).

Anyway.... Charlton 0 - 1 Wycombe.

I could weep. I really hope that Charlton manage to reverse their fortunes very quickly because if they don't they'll be playing Championship football next season and could struggle to return to the Premiership as the Championship has a hell of a lot of good teams playing in it these days.

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