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Dreaming of a Nuclear War

Last night I dreamt I was not only in one nuclear explosion but two.

I was with a camera crew/news team in the back of a jeep in southern Iran. We'd just covered a traditional wedding as part of a report of how life continued as best it could in a war torn region. The Iranians had been trading political blows with another party (the US and Israel I think) and reteric on both sides was becoming increasingly hostile and deaf to the calls of calming down from Europe, the Middle East and other countries.

Some border skirmishes had already taken place on the Iran/Iraq border between US troops and Iranian forces. These were actually largely blamed on the Americans who seemed to be goading the Iranians and trying to entice them into a fight.

Anyway, we were bumping along in the jeep to a 'safey zone' - which was basically an underground encampment that had been opened up to the press and locals in the area for extra safety when we saw a missile flying high in the sky and descending fast. We managed to get the camera out and on and tracked the missile until it went out of sight. All the while our driver stepping on the gas to try and take us to the encampment as quickly as possible as something was obviously kicking off and not in a good way. We'd just jumped the jeep into a narrow ravine when the almightiest of explosions happened far away in the distance - but still strong enough to wobble the jeep and send loads of debris from the ravine pelting down on us. Then it felt like all the air was sucked away only to be replaced with an immense, and very hot, gust that sept along above us and swirled into the ravine. I think it was the ravine that saved us from the full force but it was still incredibly nasty.

The cameraman and myself climed up the ravines side to take pictures of the absolute devastation around (and to try and figure out which area the bomb would have hit) whilst the driver tried to jump start the jeep. After about 30 minutes we were off - heading towards the compound whilst looking for survivors en route. Then a second missile came flying over, much closer to the ground than the first and heading in the dirextion of the compound.

As the mushroom cloud exploded a few miles in front of us and the air got sucked from my lungs that's when I woke up.

Nice dream huh?


Jan. 4th, 2007 10:26 am (UTC)
We were talking about this kind of dream just last week. Paula and a friend of ours both said they had mushroom cloud dreams in the early eighties when there was a great fear of atomic war. Threads didn't help and neither did the Protect and Survive programme which included drills in schools. Living in France I missed all this excitement.
Jan. 4th, 2007 06:39 pm (UTC)
We have protect and survive and similar nuclear information films on DVD.
John watches them when he needs inspiration or a bit of a laugh.
Comes from working in the industry I suppose.

We once went on a trip to a factory where they made rods for reactors.
There were signs saying "Criticality run" with an arrow. One of our group asked if there was any point in running.
The reply from our guide -
"Yes - the nearer you get to the exit before you die, the lower the dose for the guy who is sent in to retrieve your body."

He wasn't exactly joking.
Jan. 4th, 2007 06:49 pm (UTC)
John says in reality you would probably be hit by the thermal shock front (aka very hot blast and radiation wave) before the air is sucked out of your lungs.
Also chances are the radiation would decouple your nerves so the good news is you wouldn't feel it as your skin and subcutanious fat is instantly turned into crackling.

So cheer up -

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