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The Police Reunion Tour 2007

Looks like the reunion tour for The Police is definitely on. It'll probably be consisting of 60 dates and will be taking in America and Europe with the possibility of a couple of otehr stops along the way. An official Police website is being launched at the beginning of February so I'd suspect the officialy announcement to come through then detailing the dates and venues.

Seems to be a year of old bands reuniting. With Genesis already having announced their reunion tour (sadly without Peter Gabriel) it could be a time to tick off some of those bands on the 'Have Seen' list that I never thought would be ticked. Admittedly it's been almost 20+ years since I listened to either Genesis or The Police but if the opportunity of getting hold of tickets comes my way I reckon I'll probably grab some regardless :p

Anyway, back to work for me. Catch you guys and gals later!

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