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'Vampires Reunited' or Classic Camarilla - so heads up you oldies!!!!

It's been an idea that has rumbled around my head for a while. I've even spoken about it to people in passing that I've bumped into who were in the Camarilla in the mid-late 90's.

I've not played, or been an active part of, the Camarilla for probably about 3-4 years now. Ever since I retired from playing Merrick when he disappeared off to Canada to see out the last days of the old Chronicle as the Tremere Justicar over there.

I made a lot of friends from my nine or ten years actively involved in the society. Some I am still in contact with today, many I have lost contact with altogether.

My idea was to have a kind of Reunion game. Where we'd resurrect our old, signature, characters and have a small gathering in a hired hotel or somewhere nice. We'd have a game in the evening for fun but the day would also involve a nice meal before Time In and plenty of drinking and catching up after Time Out. Basically a Vampires Reunited in the vein of Friends Reunited.

So, any of you old guard Cammies, would any of you be potentially up for such an august gathering of immortal souls?

I'd obviously play Merrick for the night. Be cool to dust him off after so long away :)
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