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Yo! Seattle!!!!

I have a strange abundance of LJ Friends from Seattle (hello folks). It also happens that I might be in Seattle for a weekend at the end of April (from Friday 27th to Monday 30th to be precise). I'll be in Vegas for the GAMA Trade Show earlier that week and the travel companies seem to like the idea of saving me over £600 if I stay longer in the States and fly back the following week - this is the saving 'after' I've calculated the detor via Seattle.

So, it kinda makes sense for me to spend the weekend somewhere in the States (and not in Vegas as I don;'t mind it for conventions but wouldn't want to stay there longer than I need to!). I thought about going back to LA for a weekend as I loved LA a hell of a lot when i was there last year and also have friends over there that I haven;t seen for a while or (in a couple of LJ cases) haven't met. Then I thought about going to San Francisco as I've never been there at all! But then I felt I should really make the trip up to Seattle.

Mainly because I should try and meet up with my Dad. I haven't seen him for 6 or 7 years (I think?) and as the flights aren't either very long or expensive I can pop up and meet him for a day. I also have my Mums sister, her husband and my cousins who live in and near Seattle whom i could try and meet up with too. Plus bundles of you guys and gals!!!

So, if I do make it to Seattle that weekend any of you fancy meeting up?

PS - Jason/Caz/Leanne/John - I'm going to look at hitting Madison after GenCon Indy for a few days if it's doable. Only problem there is that it's Reading Festival back in the UK the following weekend and then GenCon UK the weekend after that so I might have to fly straight back. I'll try and do Madison though :p


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Jan. 29th, 2007 12:10 am (UTC)
I live just south of there, so I'll try to take the train up and have some beer.
Jan. 29th, 2007 05:31 am (UTC)
Just to let youknow we have booked our train tickets, we should be arriving Tuesday the 6th sometime in the ater noon and leaving the friday morning. Both Wednesday and Thurday we will be doing Uni stuff and shoudl be able to meet you back at the shop just before it closes. So we can hit a pub or get some beers in.
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