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Top Gear

I don't usually watch Top Gear. In fact I think it's safe to say I probably haven't seen a complete episode in my life. I caught this evenings though as Rosie is down (for a job interview tomorrow) and she's a TG fan.

It was absolutely fantastic and really funny.

Basically the three presenters had to buy three rundown second hand cars in lower Florida and drive them all the way to New Orleans, whilst completing various tasks en route.

Some of these tasks were amusing (what tat for the car could you buy for $100 - one brought an in-car shower :p), some were fairly gross (there evening meal could only comprise of meat they found at the side of the road - ala roadkill) and some were potentially very dangerous (they had to write slogans on the sides of each others cars and drive through Alabama without getting areested or shot.  The cars were certainly stoned and the presenters - and camera crew in a seperate vehicle -all had to make a very quick escape from a couple of truckloads of irrate and pissed off Alabama locals!).

It was brilliant television. I never thought I'd say that about a car program!

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