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Life, gigs, Vegas/Seattle/Montreal

It's nice having an evening in by ones self to catch up on stuff. I've not had that for a few days and it's amazing what just sitting down in from of the computer, listening to some good music and getting on with a load of work can do for you. I feel pretty rejuvenated and awake.

I worked on Saturday at the shop as Dave (our usual Saturday boy) was at a wedding of a family friend. Sunday I was supposed to have a Cubicle 7 - SLA meeting with Dom and John D but unfortunately John's trains were screwed up because of the weather so instead Dom and myself met up with Andy P and had a Cubicle 7 - Victoriana meeting instead. I then headed home and waited for Rosie who was coming down from Leicester for a job interview on Monday.

Monday was post-job interview relaxing with Rosie. We went for a nice meal in Boreham Wood (I will admit I was surprised to find a nice, and chav-free, restaurant in Boring Wood). We then headed over to my Mums for a couple of hours before heading home. Rosie disappeared back 'up north' at the crach of dawn this morning and we won't be seeing each other now until the beginning of March when she moves down here.

Louisa moved out on Saturday (or I should say started to as there's still a bundle of things in her old room). The cats aren't moving just yet so we'll probably still be looking after them for a couple of months until the other couple currently living at Louisa's new place move out and she can move the cats in with her.

"I thought you said you were seeing Kasabian this evening?"

Yeah. I was supposed to be. But I'm a bit brassack at the moment and even a free gig costs money in travel, food and refreshments. As I have a busy gig schedule over the next few weeks and hadn't had a night in to get a load of work done I decided I'd give kasabian a miss. A shame as when I saw them at Glastonbury a couple of years ago they were bloody amazing and I've been keen on catching them again. There'll be another time though.

The next few days aee looking a bit like this:
Wednesday 14th - Valentine's Day - staying in working. Cathcing the first episode of The Dresden Files on Sky (unless I got my days mixed up and it was actually this evening in which case I'll cry a bit and then go and download it from the web and watch it on the PC instead)
Thursday - The Lost Prophets @ The Astoria
Friday - Pinsticker @ The Bull & Gate
Saturday - I was supposed to be seeing Jarvis Cocker (ex-Pulp) at The Astoria but I've cancelled due to funds. Will probably spend the day working.
Sunday - GAMEFORCE!!! Loadsa gaming :p

Booked my room at Bailly's in Vegas for the Gama Trade Show in April. I'll be flying into Vegas on the Monday night (convention techincally starts on Tuesday morning although there are events and seminars taking place on monday that I'll just have to miss - not that I go to them in the first place. Ahem). The hotel is booked until Saturday at which time I'll either be flying to Seattle OR Montreal.

Seattle is now looking in doubt (damn it) as Opodo's "multi-stop" flights actually mean three legs and no more. Thus I can do London - Vegas - Seattle - London or London - Vegas - Montreal - London but not my preferred London - Vegas - Seattle - Montreal - London. Sucks as I fancied going to Seattle and catching up with people. But I need to be in Montreal for a meeting on the Monday.

On the plus side, do any of you live in Montreal? I may be free at the weekend and Monday evening!


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