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My Grandmother had a major stroke during the night and is currently in a coma in hospital.

My sister (Gen) heard a bump from my grandmothers room and woke my mother up. My grandmother had somehow managed to get out of bed and collapsed on the floor lodging her body and head up against the door so it couldn't be opened. The police and amubulance arrived and the police broke through my grandmothers bedroom window to allow the paramedics in and to open the door to my mother and sisters.

She also needed six stitches to her head from where she'd knocked it falling.

She is currently completely unresponsive and the doctors have said the next 48 hours are crucial.

As my mother said, she'd actually seen all the family this week as all my sisters were at home more than usual, I'd dropped by on Monday unexpected with Rosie and said hi and my uncle and his family has visited last weekend. So if she does go atleast she saw everyone in the last week. She'd also had a nice relaxing night last night so if those are her last memories they're atleast calm ones.

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