Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Gameforce, Pinstickers, the weekend

Gameforce: London later (see gameforce for more info) where I hope to get a few games in. Wondering how many people will turn up this week as we seem to be edging towards a regular 50 player mark at present. This is good but it does mean that space is becoming a bit limited and we may have to look at alternative, larger, venues if we keep picking up people.

Shouldn't complain though (and am NOT complaining) as I'm glad to see the club being a success and people enjoying it. Have to move on the plans to expand it into other towns/cities soon though. I said I'd look at that at the beginning of 2007 but it's kinda been edged to one side by other things recently.

Am feeling slightly better today. I felt a bit iffy on Friday and yesterday and may well be coming down with something (wouldn't be at all surprised at nearly everyone I know has some kind of bug at present!). I managed to get out to the Bull & Gate and see the marvelous Pinstickers on Friday night. But was only there for about an hour. Enough time to catch up with a few people, see the set, and then head home as I was feeling fuzzy. Pinstickers were very good though and certainly have a load of potential. Kinda Massive Attack meets the Prodigy :)

Anyway, better sort a couple fo bits out for later. Hope everyone is having a good weekend and catch up with you all laters!

Angus out.

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