Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

FNG Pub Meet and Troy

It's been an odd couple of days in one aspect. Lots of meeting LJ people and organising LJ get-togethers. It's largely the fault of finchleynotgoth which dj_steve_rbn  ended up starting a few weeks ago after a conversation we had before Shaun of the Dead.

Anyway, just to prove that LJ has taken over my life we had a FNG pub meeting up in Barnet at an old haunt of my youth. The Moon Under Water, It's not changed on one hand (in appearence) but has on the other (the clientel). It used to be very much a student/alternative crowd but was just pretty empty last night with a few old codgers sitting around the place intermingled with eastern european girls.

It was a good night though. I spent a few good hours in the graceful company of pond823 , dj_steve_rbn , tethis , jori_x  and his lovely wife, and a girl called Sarah whose not on LJ but recognised tethis from slimelight and joined the crowd - she's new to London and doesn't currently know many places/people, although I'm sure that will change fairly quickly. Morris dancing and a few other things kept several of the other FNG's away but I'm sure we'll all get together again soon.

Tonight I saw Troy with ukmonty , dj_steve_rbn  and purplekaz . The film was alright, certainly worth watching IF your local cinema has comfortable seats. Luckily ours does, and after three hours I was grateful for that :-) Eric Bana was very good as Hector, Brad Pitt came across as a very obnoxious and proud Achilles


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