Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Gamers) Remember the Marvel Super Heroes system...?

Good news for thos of you whom, like me, used to love the old Marvel Super Hero RPG by TSR back in the 80's and early 90's. A new project is being mounted to rewrite and develop a games system along the lines of the old FASERIP system which will new material (obviously non-licensed) to be produced for new and old fans alike.

To help make this project work a fund has been started by author Phil Reed in which it is hoped $1000 will be raised to cover costs and time of developing the new system. Phil is a fulltime professional RPG author so he can not do this for the love of the hobby, although I know he'd dearly love to be able to do so!

Once the system has been written it will be made available free of charge to both gamers and companies. Companies can then use the new rules to create there own supplements, camapigns and games using the FASERIP system (or whatever the engine ends up being called).

If you want to donate (and for you British fans just remember how much the £ is worth against the $ at present! It's mighty cheap for us to pledge! :p) please head over to the Fundraising Page and put in a Pledge. Pledges start at $10 and work up from there. I've pledged. Please go and do so too if you are interested in seeing new material which is compatible with one of the best ever superhero systems on the market!

I'm really keen on seeing this happen as not only was Marvel a cracking good game but I have several ideas I'd love to do with it (one of which I actually contacted WotC about years ago to see if I could license the system off them - but they were only interested in d20).

The Fundraising Pledge Page

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