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I'm sticking this one behind a cut as some people might prefer not to read it.


OK. Porn. Lots of people watch/look at it. Heck, it's what the majority of the internet seems to be used for these days - or at least it takes up a lot of bandwidth out there.

I freely admit to being a regular surfer (as my housemates are more than aware ;-p) but I've come across a site whose leading lady I am sure I know. She's not the sort of person who I'd expect/suspect of doing porn but the likeliness is startling. Now it might not be her (and in reality probably isn't as I'm sure the site is American and she's never been to the States as far as I'm aware...) but I've been checking out the video clips for some time and really can't make that call.

The only way I'm going to find out is by asking her or seeing her naked and making a vivid mental image to compare at a later date. Both of which will be options I'm going to pursue (as if one wasn't already something I'd thought of pursuing...;-p).

It's just strange coming across someone who you think you know on one of these sites (who isn't someone that I know works in the 'adult entertainment' industry prior to discovering them there)



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