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(News) Shadowrun Player Steals Female Underwear

Not sure if I should laugh or cry over this one.

A guy in Belfast, Northern ireland, who was arrested after stealing female underwear at knifepoint has claimed that he thought he was a female elf shamen called Beho, who was his character in a Shadowrun game.

Elf Defence For "Lingerie Thief" (BBC News Online; Tuesday 6th March 2007)

In other news, I was on a site visit this morning at a truly amazing venue we're thinking of running a potentially massive convention at. Maybe a Dragonmeet Deluxe? It's a fantastic site (even has it's own pirate ship AND a large pub for our exclusive use :p). I'm going to arrange a second site visit for some of our major sponsors for feedback and also to talk about plans.

Fingers crossed though.

Anyway, Rosie and myself saw some of the sights of London, had lunch in the city, and have now returned home. She's crashed out and I'm catching up on some work before getting ready and heading off to the Nine Inch Nails/Ladytron gig this evening. Can't wait :)

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