Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Nine Inch Nails/Ladytron Day 1

I'm very tired but have sobered up a little now. A really nice shower certainly helped that (also the KFC on the way home posisbly helped a little as I hadn't eaten anything since lunch!)

Ladytron seemed to suffer from a sound problem during their set. It was only from the third song that the vocals became clear and crisp and the music didn't follow suit. I've seen them once before and they were absolutely amazing but they failed to carry that through at Brixton this evening. Not that it'll stop me from getting to the venue to see their set on the other London dates. I just hope the sound is better!

Nine Inch Nails were fantastic. They seemed to play loads from The Downward Spiral. I know from lookng at set lists from some of the other dates on the tour that they swap and change most nights and with a back catalogue that now spans almost 20 years they certainly have loads of choice! Trent mentioned that his voice was having problems which was why they had to cancel birmingham on Monday, but he soldiered on and only in one or two places did it crack slightly (it was mainly noticeable when he spoke and not sang). Saying that they didn't do an encour, presumably to save his throat. Even with a dodgy throat NIN were a fantastic live act and show. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the dates, vocals willing.

Now it's bed for me. Need to rest my head and cuddle my girlfriend :D

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