Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Nine Inch Nails/Ladytron Day 3

Last nights gig was the best of the three so far. Ladytron were great and seemed to be having a really good time and Nine Inch Nails really rocked. I think having Friday off really helped Trent fight his throat infection as he was more chatty and energetic than the Wednesday or Thursday nights. The sound also seemed a lot better.

Highlights of the set, for me, were Closer and Hurt (as usual) and also Dead Souls (which I was amused that most of the crowd didn't know that one!) and Head Like A Hole. It was largely a set of highlights though as they really did perform well.

We also not only had our usual guest passes last night but also an extra special wristband which allowed us into a seperate hospitality room which contained a pool table (upon which I staged a magnificent comeback and beat Mel who had whipped my ass at the beginning of the game), table football, comfy sofas, private loo (with towel! at a gig!!!) and FREE BEER! We played around and chatted in there before the ladytron set and then for about 45 minutes after Nine Inch Nails had finished their set.

Tonight is the last night of the London dates. I'm looking forward to it but it will seem strange not having the NIN experience next week onwards as they've pretty much dominated this week. Still, they'll be back in the UK again in August supporting their new album (Year Zero) and also (possibly - according to the 'strong' rumours) playing Leeds and Reading Festivals.

Tonight is, however, not the end of my current gig run as tomorrow night see's Rosie and myself head down to the Electric Ballroom in Camden to see Combichrist!

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