Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Friends and Films

Missing some old and close friends today. No real reason that it's on but I get like this every so often. I wish I could just picj up the phone and chat to them, maybe meet up and have a laugh. Sad thing is I don't know where have of them are anymore and there's a good chance several wouldn't be interested in 'catching up' anymore in any case.

Still, doesn't stop me missing them and daydreaming of when we used to hang out and have fun.

I actually have something of a 'reunion' taking place in a couple of weeks time. A couple of friends from my teen years have gotten in contact and are bringing together a group of us who used to hang out at the local pub/rock nights for a gig in Camden. It's for a band called Love/Hate whom a number of the group used to love. I remember a couple of their songs (mainly "Why do you think they call it dope") but it should be a fun night.

In other news, Rosie and myself are off to see 'Outlaw' at 11 this morning at the local flick house. I like Sean Bean and the film sounds like it should be good. It was either that of Ghost Rider (which I'm still in two minds about) or TMNT (and I'm not keen on the CGI/animation they seem to have used for it). The one I'm waiting to see is next week's 300 which we're hoping to catch on Thursday night before I fly off to Edinburgh on Friday for Conpulsions.

Oh, and the latest Type O Negative CD fell on the doormat this morning. Will try and have a listen to that this afternoon whilst I work.

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