Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Vegas - Edinburgh (oh, and Eurovision)

I was originally going to be in Las Vegas this week for Games Expo. Various things conspired against me though. Not least that I'll be in Vegas in April anyway for the GAMA Trade Show and two trips to Vegas within a months gap is a bit extravagant at present.

I will however be up in Scotland next weekend for Conpulsion in Edinburgh. I'm really looking forward to it too as it gives me a chance to meet a load of people who I only see on the UK Con circuit and, being a two day Con, allows socialising time which I really love.

In Vegas this week the weather is sunny and 31 Celcius.

In Edinburgh the predicted waether is light snow and 1 Celcius.

Just saying.

I've also just realised that this is one of the first years I've been in the UK, and not the States, for St Patricks Day. Not that it really matters to me. This evening was spent watching the UK Qualifiers for the Eurovision Song Contest with Rosie and Jade and eating pizza. I really wanted Big Brovaz to win it, or maybe Cyndi, but no. Scooch got voted through as our entry. It sounds like a really kiddie Europop tune (think Steps, etc) but has some quite suggestive lyrics at points. It is truly terrible and I won't be surprised if we finish outside the Top Ten again for the fifth year running. The other entries were even more dire. Brian Harvey (ex-East 17) looks like a cross between Robbie Williams and Frankenstein and sounded terrible. Liz McClarnon (ex Atomic Kitten) actually sounded alright (although I didn't hear much of the song) whereas Justin hawkins (ex-The Drakness) duet with Beverlei Brown was atrocious. Beverlei should have sang the song solo as she'd have stood a chance of getting into the final two play-off that way.

Anyway, Neither of my favoured two won. We've now got another crap song representing the country. Oh Morrisey, why did you drop out of the running?

 Liz McClarnon.

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