Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Grrr... Sometimes my luck doesn't hold out...

Generally speaking I'm pretty damn lucky. Partially because of a (generally) positive outlook on life clouding my vision I reckon but things do (luckily) seem to come through for me when the chips seem to be down.

But every so often things bite you on the arse. Not major things but things you'd really like to do but can't.

For instance. This morning I received notification that I had won a competition to go and see the Premiere of 'I Want Candy' in London. This is a film that I actually really want to see anyway, and the idea of being able to attend the Premiere (I've wanted to go to a Premiere for ages but have never had the opportunity to as yet) was fantastic.

But it's on tonight. Now both I, and Rosie, are busy this evening. I'm gaming and Rosie has Bellydance Class. So it's not convienent for either of us PLUS I'd have to escape earlier to change into something a bit more suitable than what I'm wearing at the mo and get into London in time.

Now if they'd mailed me confirmation last night I could have probably worked something out.

Anyway, apparently I'm 'a tit' for turning it down. But that's life. There'll be other opportunities and who knows, one day I may be able to walk up the red carpet for the Premiere of one of my own films :p (OK, maybe a bit too optimistic on that one :p)

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