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Born for the job...

Does anyone else find it amusing that the head of the World Health Organisations HIV/AIDS Department is called Dr Kevin De Cock?

WHO and UNAIDS Announce Recommendations From Expert Consultation On Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention (World Health Organisation Website; Wednesday 28th March 2007)


Mar. 29th, 2007 09:51 am (UTC)
I was Thunking on the way to meet Lyd, and one line from this report stuck in my head. This one line in my eyes is enough to infer that this news is nothing be a whole load of Conservetive Chistian Properganda.

'heterosexually acquired HIV infection in men by approximately 60%'

Thats the line...

Now think about it. it's very spasific, It's only hetrosexually acquired, so Homosexuals don't get a reduced risk do they. I'm so glad I'm Not Gay (yes this is tounge in cheak.) or I would be screwed...

Call me a liberal Whack Job, but as far as I'm aware the foreskin has developed over millions of years, and eveolution has gotten us this far through worse epedemics. Why would cutting off a chunk of your cock improve on evolution.

What it would do is discourage children for getting their jollies when they wanted. male Circumstision is also proven to reduce sexual pleasure for women, and sensativity in the the mans Hunk of meat.

The foreskin is natures protection for the Johnson, it forms a cocoon and steril environment to protect the member.

So with reduced sexual pleasure, less opportunity to get your jollies, and greater risk of infection from other areas. Would you really want to mutilate you cock? Or would you prefer to be responsible with your sexual partners and use a condom which stops pretty much everything, including the worst of all the diseases... Children.

I'm sorry to go on like this but this kind of article is just not good for the human race it pushes one agenda and thats all.

I guess it's all down to fear, if were willing to give up our civil liberties to feel safe, then loping of the skin on your cock to reduce some more fear is nothing really. Ir is it?

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