Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Staff of One... and other stories

Hey ho...

It seems I'm the only one here at work until at least 11.30 when Sean is due to arrive. Keyvan has rung in ill. He may turn up later but I'm not holding out any great hope in that.

So here I am. All alone. With a ton of work to do - and catching up on LJ. Well for a few minutes more in anycase. I'm being a rebel in protest of not being able to go out and eitehr buy some milk so I can have tea or pick up some breakfast. Luckily I grabbed a can of Diet Coke and a Caramel bar on the way out of the house this morning so I have 'something' to keep me going for a few hours.

Even better news is that I was going to meet corone for lunch today (which I won't be able to do if there's just two of us here) and one of our suppliers is coming down for a meeting this morning. Fun times lie ahead obviously...

Not sure what we're getting up to this weekend. It's Rosie and mine six-month anniversary from our first meeting/kiss. The Slimelight was a possibility as she thought cyber_child was playing with his new band (Inertia) this weekend but it turns out she got the dates mixed up. So not entirely sure. I've suggested an Indian and then snuggling up for a DVD or two (I still haven't seen The Host!) but I think she would prefer something a bit more active. Can't blame her really as she's been in the house most of the week working on Gothla, job-hunting and a side project we've started up.

Can't believe it's six months already though. It seems both a lot shorter and a lot longer (both in good ways). I'm really glad to have Rosie in my life and she's certainly a great motivation to make a real success out of the businesses so we can sort out our nest and secure our futures. I guess it must be love :)

On Sunday we're off to the Voltaire gig at The Purple Turtle in Camden. Voices of Masada will be playing despite sinbadsilk's attempt to wrestle a car whilst on his bike earlier this week. I saw him on Wednesday when he was home from hospital and got a text from him after his surgery yesterday and he appears to be in fine spirits. I still reckon he should have a stool up on stage with him and pretend to be a goth Val Doonican. Either that or get a wheelchair and pretend to be a goth version of that Little Britain character :p

Anyway. Work for me (and only for me it seems).

Hope the next 90 minutes speed by. I'm dying for a cuppa! :p

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