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The Girl Next Door

All things considered I had a very enjoyable day at work today. Rhys (from Esdevium Games - our main supplier) popped by in the morning - picking up Pasties en route for breakfast as I was the only one in the shop untill midday and hadn't managed to get any breakfast in. Then Sean arrived for work and Rosie came up to work the afternoon. We didn't get everything done but the company was good and we worked pretty solidly while we chatted and joked.

I was, however, knackered when I came home and so was Rosie. I think I may be coming down with a bug. My limbs ache and I've got the first tinglings of a sore throat (plus I've had a headache for most of the day). Hope not, although Dom has had a cold all week and I shared the hotel with him last weekend at Conpulsion so I guess it's possible I've picked something up.

Anyway, we both got home and crashed out in bed and slept and cuddled for most of the night before surfacing and ordering Indian (there was no way either of us fancied cooking this evening) and watching 'The Girl Next Door' on DVD.

I've wanted to see The Girl Next Door since I saw the trailers at the cinema back in 2004. It was better than I imagined. A really good 'teen' movie that I dare you not to laugh at. Not as good at 40 Year Old Virgin (which is possibly still my favourite comedy of recent years) but a really, really enjoyable watch. Emile Hirsch was very good in it - and I'm really looking forward to seeing Alpha Dog in a few weeks which he's in with Justin Timberlake. Elisha Cuthbert is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and Timothy Olyphant (who plays Seth Bullock in Deadwood) is also really good in the film. Christ, all the cast do well. It's also made me want to go and see 'I Want Candy' even more than I did already :)

Anyway, I feel really shattered. I've switched off my mobile, I'm not setting my alarm for the morrow and I plan to just sleep. Of course this probably means I'll be awake at 7am or something but sod it. One can try can't they?

Good night world. Catch you over the weekend and I hope you all have a good one!

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