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1. Having a temperature gives you some very weird dreams. imagnocean, mooncadet, kickinthenuts and mickmercer all appeared in them at times. So did appearing in an episode of "Wife Swap" - where both my wife and myself were swingers and had planned befroehand to seduce the other couple in the program for a bit of fun. The 'other wife' who moved in with me for the week ended up joining us at the end of the program as she preferred life with me and my partner more than her original husband.

2. Doctor Who last night was good fun. I like the new assistant and the storyline and special effects were good. Bodes well for Season 3 I feel (after a really, really terrible Christmas Special).

3. I am really not sure if I'll be making it to the Voltaire/Voices of Masada gig this evening. I don't feel well and was in bed by 9.30 last night and had a very restless night. My throat feels raw and just walking past someone having a cigarette in the street this morning almost made me puke. I'll have to see how I feel in six hours time. Sorry to anyone, in advance, who was expecting to see me this evening if I don't make it (which I personally think is highly unlikely at present).

4. One day I will rule the universe. You have been warned.

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