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I love being in control of the company website ( I've just rewritten a couple of the 'About Us' entries and added Andy as he's ended up being a full-timer for us. Also removed John (bye John!) as he's levaing in a few days and it was easier just to retitle his page as Andy than create a whole new page, links and stuff. Yeah ok, I was feeling a bit lazy.

Next up is getting some pictures up there. The only pictures we have of staffers are Mike and Tony and they are so out of date and (imho) are a bit pants. I have some pictures on CD of the rest of us and will have to crop them for the site at somepoint soon. Sean will hate me forever so I might miss his out but I'm sure Keyvan and Andy would appreciate it (depending which pics I use ;-p).

Anyway, for those who are interested this weeks New releases have now been post to the .com site. The site will be done tomorrow from work.

Ho di dum. Bored now. More surfing and then an early night I think. Probably get another issue of Astro City: Local Heroes in before I crash too.

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