Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Global Trade Unions...

I really don't know what I think about this.

Trade Unions, when they work and are sensible, are a brilliant way of looking after the workforce against corrupt or negilant employers. They can have a very positive impact and can obviously look after members health and financial needs in times of crisis and give support to families of members if bereaved.keep

On the other hand they can also be very petty, unrealistic and corrupt themselves. Often fighting "injustices" in which there member was actually the guilty party (such as a train driver that was sacked for being drunk a few years ago - or another employee that was a lonh term absentee due to illness (I think it was some kind of strain) that was then caught regularly playing squas with no ill effect. They then got sacked and the union called an all-out strike to reinstate him!!!).

Anyway, there seems to be quite an advanced movement to merge several Trade Unions from the UK, the US, Canada and Germany. The idea is that with Globalisation Corporations need to have a Global Trade Union to keep them iin check and look after workers rights.

This could be an absolutely massive development in the world of transport and industry and will certainly have far reaching implications.

I really don't know if I feel elated or scared shitless about the idea.

I guess ime will tell...

(The Unions involved include, amongst othera,  Amicus and the T&G in the UK, IG Metall in Germany, and The Machnists and The United Steel Workers in the States)

UK and US Unions In Merger Talks (BBC News Online; Thursay 5th April 2007)

Amicus Backs World "Super-Union' (BBC News Online; Monday 1st January 2007)

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