Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Health, House Guests and Games...

Starting to recover from my cold but I've unfortunatly infected imagnocean with it. Wheezes, coughs and deep sighs recquiring cuddles are now part of our daily life. I really hope she feels better over the next couple of days as her Burlesque course starts on Sunday (on Easter Day! The organisers obviously didn't check their diary when sorting that one out!!!).

We've also had the deligthful company of spanderama as house guest for the last couple of days. She popped down from Birmingham to viist and is off to Southampton for the rest of Easter in a couple of hours. The girls 'did' Camden yesterday afternoon whilst I snuggled down feeling poorly and gave into temptation and watched 'Heroes' online. I'm now up to Episode 13 (having now seen Christopher Ecclestone's debut in the series :p). Won't talk about it here as I know many of my frieds haven't seen the program yet or are watching it on SKY which is up to episode 8 I think. I may very well watch up to Episode 16 during the course of this nice long Easter weekend (We have today - Friday - and Monday off here in the UK :p).

Last night the girls and I played Twilight Creations "All Wound Up!" - a wind-up Zombie race game. On the surface the idea sounds great but the execution of ther game is somewhat lacking. It was fun - but that was mainly due to the players than the game. We had a couple of games (I won both incidentally so it's not sour grapes on my part why I don't think the games much cop!) but it won't be one I pull out often. In fact I believe Ebay may be looming as it falls into the criteria of - play it. Like it? No? Sell it!

Twilight Creations is one company whose games I really want to like but I've not come across one I freally enjoy yet. All of them have seem to have had design flaws somewhere (I really REALLY want to love Zombies! for instance but it does get a bit broing and repettive after a few turns...). Another company which I really want to like their card games is Steve Jackson Games. Beyond Illuminati (which is a classic) I've found faults with all of their card games - or, in the caes of Munchkin, have found them to be very dull. I enjoyed SPANC as a one-off game but it doesn't hold up to repeat play. Burn Rate was terrible - and not a game for anyone whose short-sighted to play due to the amount of text on the cards that you need to read from half-way across the table, etc. I haven't played FRAG, but want to at somepoint as I've heard good things about it.

We then introduced Dawn to "Ticket To Ride" which she seemed to enjoy. Well, she asked for a second game straight away - but then she did win the first game! I'm still a massive fan of Ticket to Ride and never, ever get bored playing it.

Anyway, have to finish my tea and then get Dawn to the station. No doubt catch you all later :D

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