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Chocolate, Monsters, KITT and Chan

Not a lot to report today. Rosie is still out with The Bug(tm). I've hauled ass into work to do some paperwork and catch up on a ton of things that got put on hold at work due to me being ill and out of the office for most of last week.

We continued our monster movie season last night. After seeing The Host on Saturday we ended up watching Lake Placid on TV last night. It's the first time either of us had seen it although I caught a few minutes on telly a yer or two back. It does have some of the most amazing one-liners and comebacks I've heard. The script writer was certainly very good. The film itself was alright. It was a monster Croc movie. Nuff said really. Worth watching for the dialogue, the flying cow, and the Crocs.

Tesco's has dropped all their easter Eggs to half price in the annual Chocolate OD Day that follows Zombie Jesus Day. Even at 74p for a good sized chocolate egg I'm not sure how tempted I am. Although I gues sthe bars included in the egg are worth at least the 74p and get all that nice extra chocolate free... hmmm... :p

KITT - from the classic Knight Rider TV Show - is up for sale! And a snip at $150,000! Although apparently all the gimmicks have been dismantled apart from the flashing red scanner light at the front of the car. So it won't talk, fire missles/smoke, go at supersonic speeds or drive itself anymore.

Still - KITT is for sale! :p

'Knight Rider' Car Up For Sale (IMDB News; Monday 9th April 2007)


I was also amused to see that Jackie Chan has launched a new Reality TV Show in China to find his movie successor. Apparently over 100,000 hopefuls have applied and attended try-outs to become an Apprentice to Jackie Chan and hone their fighting and acting techniques to become the next Hong Kong and International kung-fu megastar.

Chan Launches Reality TV Show (IMDB News; Monday 9th April 2007)

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