Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson


Had a check-up at the Doc's this morning. This was apparently the first time I've had a check-up since 2003 (whoops!).

Generally speaking all was good. Blood pressure is fine, nothing strange is floating around my body, and I'm still just over 6 feet tall :p

The one downside is my weight. I've put on two stone in the last four years and really need to try and loose it (plus some extra if possible).

Now I don't consider myself a big person. Yes I'm tall, yes I am cuddly. But I wouldn't call myself fat. Well not FAT fat in anycase :p

Getting my current weight was a bit of a shock then. Those that have met me or see me on a regular basis would probably fall over knowing how much I currently weigh. I know the guys in the shop did. They reckoned I was between about 15 - 16 stone (95-101 Kilograms).

I wish.

I weighed in this morning at 18 stone 11 pounds (that's 119 Kilograms)!!!!!!

Some of this can be put down to heavy bones and muscles. But hell, time to really start hitting the gym/pool again and upping my intake of salads and fish.

I'll aim to be down to 17 stone by Christmas and then try and knock it down an extra couple of stone next year if possible.

God knows what I'd be like if I was a heavy drinker!!!

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