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Brief update time. I may post more about the weekend later, or I may not, really depends on free time tonight.

The Dev = fun, saw a number of good friends
Sin City = pretty dull. Band was awful, not too many people there. Sister #3 was there though and it was good to see her out clubbing with some of her mates, also met up with the American girl (who is actually Dutch) we met at the FNG do last Wednesday and had a good natter. Rob also crashed at mine for a bit and Dave, Rob and myself chatted away until about 4am. Sasha still wasn't home and seems to have lost about three hours of accountability from Friday night :-p

9am meeting lasted until about 2pm. Included them buying me lunch and drinks. Meeting was good.
Saw the first half of the FA Cup Final between Manchester United and Millwall but had arranged to meet the American/Dutch young lady. She came over about 4ish and time was then lost track of.

Yay for sunday pub roasts!!! Well needed munch at The Dignity with Sasha, Dave and Sarah. Followed by watching a bit of the excellent 'JAM' on DVD and then heading to The Dev (it seems to be beciming home from home) for drinks with the guys, Steve, Charlotte and co. Then a good Chinese, followed by more episodes of 'JAM'.

Now it's Monday and the second week of me being 32. So far 32 is proving to be a hell of a lot better than 31 generally was and my wish for more 'rock n roll', etc, seems to have been granted :-p

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