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Wendy James Returns As... Racine

Transvision Vamp was the first 'small' concert I ever went to back in October 1988. In fact it was only the fourth concert I'd ever been to.

Transvision Vamp had just released their first album (the fantastic 'Pop Art') and were also flying high in the singles charts (I think with 'Baby I Don't Care' but it might have been 'Tell That Girl To Shut Up'). The band were fresh and the crowd wanted to rock out the band and lust after their lead singer, Wendy James.

I remember the other guys I went to the gig with were partially going for Ms James. Me, I was going for the music. I was, and still am to a large extent, not fussed by celeb crushes. Of course I said that before the gig but when Ms James came on stage she blew me away. God was she hot. I was a 16 year old in lust.

Plus the band rocked out.

Even today that gig stands as one of my favourite ever shows. Fan-f**king-tastic.

Anyway, I always wondered what happened to Ms James. Know I have found out... and no thanks to my minions this time round...

The sneaky minx disapperaed to New York and has formed a new band (Racine) and has just released their second album. Why I didn't hear about their 2005 debut I don't know. I guess the good news is that I have two new albums worth of her material to pick up and listen to now though :p

In addition to discovering her new music she's also returning to London in May for not one but TWO live shows. Racine are playing Electrogogo on 3rd May and The Underworld on the 5th May!

I think I'll def be heading to the Underworld gig. May see about the Electrogogo one if I'm over my jetlag :p

Racine Official Website

Racine Myspace


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