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Diet Coke/Diet Coke with Cherry

If I EVER meet the person/people behind branding Diet Coke and all it's various flavours in the SAME F**KING CAN COLOUR with only very very very MINOR differences I'm going to go on a justified killing spree!

This isn't the first time I, or someone who's popped out to buy me refreshments, has ended up getting one of the various flavours instead of REGULAR DIET COKE! Only for me to discoer the error upon my first mouthful.

There was I, still at bloody work (with several hours of unpacking and stock taking to go feeling bloody UNAPPRECIATED for taking my time to do this when I'm off to the f**king States first thing on monday for a week on business and have hundreds of bloody things to sort out AT HOME) sitting down for a moment to relax, check my email and LJ and have a nice refreshing drink.

There was I, cracking open the can and hear the joyous tones of the coke bubbling inside as it's depressurized.

There was I, lifting the can, longing, to my lips.

Taking a sip.

And getting the f**king taste of CHERRY F**KING DIET COKE!



(Sorry, I'm cranky (you couldn't tell could you?) and am feeling really pissed off atm)

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