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Vegas Throat

I'm getting the legendary 'Vegas Throat'. It's primary cause is too much filtered casino air, combined with not leaving the building and seeing natural, unfiltered, daylight and fresh air for several days plus lots of talking and cigarettes. I've actually not had that many cigarettes this trip. Well under a pack ($6 a pack - that's about £3! It seems criminal NOT to smoke!!! :p).

The back of my throat feels like it's developing a flap and is sore. I've been drinking loads of water but need to drink even more I guess. Plus I need to get out and breath some non-recycled air! These hotels are so big though that you never need to step out into daylight if you don't want to.

It's especially bad at night (thus me being awake now at 4am.

Oh, on Friday I should be heading down to a gun range with Tom (Esdevoium Games) and Ross (Steve Jackson Games/PSI) as we're all being orphaned in Vegas by ourselves as everyone leaves the Show and heads home. I get to fire everything from pistols to AK47's!!!! :D

I've not fired a gun since I was 12 (on Day 3 of me moving to the States as a kid my uncle and cousins took me out shooting in a canyon and brought me my own gun :p). I'm sure 'm probably worse now than I was then!

I'm sure I shouldn't be so excited about firing off big guns... :p
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