Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Boys with Toys

After breakfast we headed out to The Gun Store to play with some of America's favourite toys.

The team comprised of Ross (PSI), Paul and Will (Steve Jackson Games), Tom (Esdveium Games) and yours truly.

I'm not sure what I was expecting but The Gun Store surprised me. I've never been in an American gun shop before and it is, er, rather impressive. Seeing loads of rifles, machine guns and rocket laucnhers (I kid you not) hanging on the walls and rows upon rows of pistols in glass cases.

The shop had a firing range at the back which was the reason we were there. After signing a waiver form (which basically said if we got shot it was not the shops fault) we got to choose our guns. Ross went for the AK47 straight away (I guess it's something about the Canadians :p) whereas both Tom and myself were a lot more conservative and went for pistols as we'd never fired a gun before (or in my case it's been 22 years and I was only 12 last time I fired a gun).

After choosing our weapons we then got to choose a target from a selection of 12 I believe. The targets ranged from the standard human outline with targets on the head, chest, etc through kidnap situation with Perp with gun and hostage in background through to a selection of various headscarfed Arab terrorists and even one of Osama Bin Laden himself!

Once in the firing range, wearing our protective goggles and ear mufflers, we were each given brief instructions and safety tips on how to use the weapons we choose and then it was time to fire. The pistol I had was pretty good, not too much recoil, and I only hit the kidnap victim a couple of times with most of the bullets taking down the kidnapper. I admit I was nervous before firing but it was fun.

Next up I decided to fire something bigger. Now I have no knowledge of guns at all. If someone told me a name (like an AK47) I'd have heard of it and know vaguely what it was but I wouldn't be able to say what it looked like. This was a bit of a problem for me when choosing my next gun. I wanted something that was easy for a beginner to fire and wouldn't be a problem for me.

So I ended up choosing an Uzi 9mm.

Boy, are those things easy to use. It was a really smooth firing weapon. The recoil wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be (I was only firing in short bursts mind you) and it was very good fun. I also certainly nailed the Arab terrorist I was fighting well and truly. Tom was on the AK47 by now and also went for the Colt (or whatever Dirty Harry's gun was) which ddid seem to have quite a kick on it.

So, all in all, a great experience and will certainly aim to do it again next time I'm in Vegas.

After that we dropped Tom off at the hotel and the rest of us went to M&M world and then to a bar and played Pool for an hour or so. It was doubles and Ross and myself won every game bar the last. I guess we'll try and have revenge next year :p

Everyone has now gone home. Actually Tom is here until tomorrow but he's out tonight seeing Prince who is performing at the Rio. I may try and see if they havce any spare tickets but to be honest I think I'm going to just have a shower, wander down the strip to see the Bellagio water performance, get something to eat and then watch the rest of the episodes of Heroes that are online.

Tomorrow is a trip to one of the Malls for Jelly Bellies (as per my instructions by Rosie) and to find a good book and music shop.

Then Sunday afternoon I'm boarding the plane back to good old Britain. It's been a good trip but I'll be glad to be home. It'll be nice to see Rosie again and also to have cooler temperatures. Downstairs in the casino the temperature isn't too bad but my hotel room is warm and outside it's really hot. Comes with building a city in the dcesert I guess :p-

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