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Fantasy Mogul

I've joined a Fantasy Mogul League that a couple of friends (Marc and Tam) set up on the site.

If they're up for more players I'll send you the League Name and link so you can sign up and create a studio on the site too.

Fantasy Mogul is a little bit like Fantasy Football - just using films instead of Football players. Each player is given an initial budget of $100 and can buy up to eight films for their studio. Each film costs between $1 to $49. Things such as Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and Spiderman being closer to the $49 mark. You then earn points for both critical praise as well as box office success. They've tied in the 'critical success' bit to the films IMDB rating which is decided by UMDB memebers (which anyone can join free of charge for voting rights).

It sounds like a bit of fun and I'm looking forward to seeing how my crop of films through Cubicle 7 Entertainment does. I think I've invested in some good choices :)

Check out my Fantasy Moguls movie slate!

Spider-Man 3

Day Night / Day Night

28 Weeks Later

Day Watch


Hostel 2

I Could Never Be Your Woman

Nancy Drew

Get in the game at!


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