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Virtual Church Mayhem, Dr Who, Spike Milligan, Witches on Big Brother and Hobbit Houses...

davywavy  mentioned in his LJ recently about the 'Church of Fools', an on-line Christian church. Strangely enough I discovered it's existence last week when purplekaz  emailed the following story 'Virtual Devils Curse Internet Church' (Yahoo News; Wednesday May 19th, 2004).

Also, the new sidekick for Christopher Eccleston's Dr Who has been chosen. The choice wasn't a surprise as rumours have been floating around for a while it'll be her. Thanks to adders  who alerted me to the confirmation though! Billie Piper Is Doctor Who Helper (BBC On-Line; Monday 24th May 2004).

Spike Milligan's family have finally won a dispute which allows the former comedian to have the words 'I told you I was ill' on his tombstone. Unfortunately they have to be written in gaelic though. Milligan Gets Last Laugh on Grave (BBC On-Line; Monday 24th May 2004)

Tolkien's house is up for sale in Oxford. I followed the link in the hope it was one of the actual Hobbit houses from the Lord of the Rings movies. Sadly no. Not that I have a the cash for it in anycase... Hobbit's Home on Sale for £1.5 Million (BBC On-Line; Monday 24th May 2004)

Oh, and apparently 'a witch' is one of the contestants for the new Big Brother series kicking off this weekend. Didn't watch the last one, doubt I'll watch this one....


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