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France Votes

My fatherland goes to the polls in a few hours time to decide whom will replace the retiring Jacques Chirac. Chirac has been President of France since 1995 and which ever candidate gets in will bring in lots of changes.

As much as I would love to see Socialist Segolene Royal become France's first female President I'm pretty sure the Right Wing Nicolas Sarkozy will be doing the job.

I really dislike Sarkozy. He is a devisive figure that will do more harm to France than good. I wouldn't at all be surprised if in the coming weeks, if he is elected, to see riots in many city suburbs in protest of him and his policies. He panders too much to the Far Right and was pretty much single handedly to blame for the spate of riots that broke out in France in 2005.

I will admit to agreeing with his idea of allowing overtime and for people to work more than the current regulated 35 hour week. There's a couple of other of his policies that I think are ok too, but they are far outweighed by negatives.

Royal is too weak and whilst will easily get the Socialist vote will not attract the all important millions of waiverers. They'll either not vote or end up going with Sarkozy.

My ideal Presidential race would have included Francois Bayrou - a centerist candidate who came third in the initial round of votes (only the top two candidates go through to the final vote). If it was a choice of him or Sarkozy I feel Bayrou would have walked into power. Even up against Royal I believe he would have won. But Royal vs Sarkozy?

I think it's Sarkozy all the way.

I really hope I'm wrong. But I have a horrible feeling I won't be.

I don't vote in the French elections as I'm a British passport holder. My father gets to vote (although I have no idea if he is this year, he now lives in the States but is still eligible to vote) but the rest of the family are all Brits as we were born here and my mother's British.

I do like keeping an eye on French politics though. Even though it can wind me up rotten. Although saying that so does British Politics, American Politics, Russian Politics, Israeli Politics, and so on. I guess Politics in general is just an easy subject to get me ranting about ;p

Anyway, good luck to my French friends and readers. I hope you vote today and I hope my predictions are proven wrong.

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