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Elektrofest 2007 Cancelled

Piss Up

There's a connection there you know!

It amazes me that people are still surprised when these things happen to certain promoters. Venue changes. Cancellations. Alternative Headline Acts. Alternative Line Ups.

Anyway, in short Elektrofest 2007 has been chancelled due to "venue problems". And people wonder why I refuse to buy tickets for these events before pretty much the actual day. It's called once burnt, twice shy.

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Feel free to copy and paste.

Unfortunately due to venue problems, Flag Promotions have had to cancel Elektrofest 2007. We have been told the event will occur at a later date, as yet unknown.

The gig that was Elektrofest is still going ahead on Sunday 8th July at the Electric Ballroom with the following line up:

Front Line Assembly
FLA main support act
Mechanical Cabaret
Trauma Pet

The tickets you have bought for Elektrofest are still valid for this event which costs the same. However we are happy to refund any tickets you bought from us through Line Out Records in view of this change. Due to the late hour of the change, Trauma Pet will still be holding their video and EP launch party at this event, despite the bill displacement. We still hope to see many of you there, and you can buy tickets from this event from us here.

Trauma Pet and Line Out Records are very sorry for the inconvenience caused however we had been assured several times by Flag Promotions that all factors for the gig were confirmed before putting the tickets on sale.

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